Brand Strategy

It all starts with strong foundations, this is the strategic part of your brand – the identity.  Put simply, this is a deep dive into who your brand is, what it values, how it behaves, what it promises, who it’s talking to, and how it speaks. We offer a super in-depth Brand Identity, and also a Kickstart version. We can help you figure out which one your brand needs.

Brand Creative

We understand that nailing your Creative is very, very important: it brings the brand (and its personality) to life, grabs the attention of dream customers and ensures consistency at every touchpoint. It can be tricky if you’re not a really talented, experienced and imaginative designer, so it’s lucky for you that we have one of those in-house. With skills in digital, graphic and print design, we deliver logos, brand marks, icons, illustrations and anything else that tells the world what your brand is all about.

Content Strategy

From Instagram to e-newsletters, there are a lot of channels to think about. If you’re busy running your business, you probably don’t have time to think about any of them. That’s where we come in. The Content Strategy discovers the best approach to speak to your audiences and give them strategic and engaging content across your website, social platforms, print publications, ongoing packaging, mail-outs and email campaigns.

Content Production

What’s that phrase? Content is king? At m., we take care of all things *content* – think brand photography, social media photoshoots, blogs, copywriting and image libraries. To achieve the best result, we only associate ourselves with the absolute best stylists, copywriters, photographers and social experts.

Social Media

Does your social feed always get left at the bottom of the priority list? Do you have better, more important things to do with your time? Do you have an anxiety-induced panic attack every time you need to think of something to post? If you answered YES to any of these questions, we invite you to hand your social media over to us. We plan, curate, design, write, schedule, post and boost on your behalf. Then we do it all again.


Don’t be that person who has an incredible brand, with a really bad website. You’re better than that! Once we have developed your brand identity and visuals, we can start on your website. Our specialty? Websites that are highly engaging, have a smooth user experience and really reflect what your brand is all about. If you need it, we’re even available for ongoing website maintenance.

Brand Consultancy

Picture this: You’ve got a brilliant idea. You’ve even written it  down in your Ideas Book. Now what? Might we suggest a one-on-one workshop with our founder, Melanie? Her experience, knowledge and creativity will guide you through the initial stages of building a brand you can be proud of, and she’ll help you achieve your action points so you stay on track too.


You’re a brand that has it all figured out, but could do with an extra helping hand. We’ve seen your kind before! So, we offer ongoing marketing and brand support in a monthly retainer format. Commit to a 6 or 12 month retainer and watch on as your brand grows right before your very eyes.

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dislikes: creative boundaries and boring things.

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