We get that every brand is different, because we’re different too.

We’re a team of exceptionally talented, super imaginative and results-driven people that love what we do. Every one of us is half creative, half strategic; we’re creategic.

We’re a team of exceptionally talented, super imaginative and results-driven people that love what we do.
Every one of us is half creative, half strategic;
we’re creategic.


Individually, we create strategies, design, words, content and social media.
Together, we create magic.


M. Media’s founder and director, Melanie Mitchell, is known for a number of things. She’s known for a hugely successful decade-long career in media, advertising and marketing both in Australia and the UK.

She’s known for her knack of balancing creativity with strategy; half focussing on commercial growth and big results, and half focussing on developing unique brand personalities, authentic content, a strong online presence, and a really great brand story. She’s known for her relationship-oriented approach; collaborating with her clients in a way that most agencies wouldn’t dream of, treating their business as her own, and often staying up way past her bedtime to ensure her projects are perfect.

But most of all, she’s known for building this brand, m. Media; an agency that creates and activates brands all over the world through strategy, copywriting, design and social media, while being led by a dedicated, unstoppable leader with her eyes on the prize.


Now this is someone who knows her way around the design studio, having spent most of the past 15 years working in pretty much every corner of the creative studio.

She’s been a creative thinker and doer in Australia and the UK, working in media, agencies and mass retailers. Now, she designs all the things at m. Media.

But to pigeonhole Casey as ‘just a designer’ would be the understatement of the century; she is really the creator of things, and the solver of all problems.

She’s a great swimmer too; her job is to deep dive into a brand and uncover their identity, develop unique strategies, steer the creative direction and build the entire design with her mouse, and sometimes, her bare hands.

When she’s not ogling colour palettes or doodling all over her important documents, she’s joyfully handing shiny new logos to clients… that she created all by herself.


Every creative team needs a leader of projects with a strategic mind, extreme attention-to-detail and the ability to get anything done. Peta David is that leader.

Her previous roles in marketing and communications with IKEA and on the organizing committee for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have helped mould her jack-of-all-trades roles at m. Media. Here, she’s the overall organiser of people and projects. She’s the client collaborator that figures out what brands need and how to get there.

She’s the m. team Hype Girl that motivates on a daily basis. She’s the brief writer, the quality controller, the time manager, and by now we’re sure you’re getting the point.


As the m. Media self-appointed wordsmith and grammar aficionado, Alyce spends her days building brands sentence by sentence, and correcting people on their poor spelling.

With her sharp pencil and sharp wit, she begins working with the team to develop brand and content strategies, focussing on creating a unique, attention-grabbing and results-driven character for each and every brand, before moving onto copy and content writing to match, for their websites, blogs, social channels and print publications.

Outside of m., Alyce runs her own cheeky copy and words agency BOSSY., and airs her fashion-y thoughts for a number of publications including Fashion Journal, Who What Wear and Mamamia.


Ashli practically lives on the internet, having worked in the social and digital space for over six years. Not to toot her own horn or anything, but she’s managed the accounts of some pretty big brands including Sportsgirl, Hairhouse Warehouse, QV, Shaver Shop and Bardot.

Now, she has her very own agency, at.social, where she works with brands looking for social magic. She finds the time to lend her skills to m. Media too, taking brand strategies and turning them into stories consumers will engage with online, by using clever social strategy, copywriting, campaign management, reporting, influencer outreach and social advertising.


Jen is one of those people that sees things in a way us mere mortals can’t. As a stylist specialising in food, still life and interiors, she couples her incredible eye with her advertising and marketing experience to see the bigger picture and bring brands to life.

It turns out they agree – Jen has worked with lots of leading brands both in Australia and internationally, including Real Living, Cultiver, Lendlease, IKEA (UK) and Athletic Greens (US). When Jen’s not styling, she’s usually “researching” food and interiors, and daydreaming about styling.

We work with all types of businesses.
But the ones that like to push creative boundaries are our favourite.

From small start-ups with big dreams, to big companies with giant plans, we’ll collaborate with you to create the ultimate brand, content and digital strategies so you can achieve your objectives.

we create magic



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